Halloween in New York was so much fun! Everyone dresses up and here people go all the way with their costumes. I choose a easy dress up as a vampire, using the little black dress and bought a necklace with a bat on it. Then the rest was done with makeup. I went out with a friend and we had the best time, going to a club called Gilded Lily, the waiters was dressed up, the girls as skeleton and the guys as butchers with blood everywhere. Tok a few photos for you guys to see some of the costumes.

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Tonje Sivertsen

03.11.2014 kl.23:15

S gy ut! :D

Charlotte Olsen

04.11.2014 kl.01:01

S moro :) Man gjr s mye mer ut av slike begivenheter i USA, skulle nske det var litt mer vanlig i Norge ogs :)

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